Woman Lured Then Gang Rapped, And Had Video Uploaded To Snapchat And Facebook

On January, three men have lured a woman to a hotel, where she was gang raped. The assault occurred in January. Two men raped the woman while another man filmed the incident and posted it on Snapchat and Facebook, according to police report.

Rape Assault Uploaded to Snapchat (Illustration)
Rape Assault Uploaded to Snapchat (Illustration)

The crime allegedly took place in Uppsala, Sweden.

In a Facebook post of journalist Joakim Lamotte, she wrote about how he obtained a video showing the rapists assault the unconscious woman as they hurled abuse, calling her “Swedish” as a harsh insult and “fat” while encouraging each other to “f**k her in the butt”.

Additionally, Lamotte said that offenders faces were clearly visible and they referred to each other by name. The building in which the attack took place is also seen in the clip.

A concerned mother who first brought the video to the attention of police in Gothenburg was shocked to see that they were not interested while being seemingly more bothered by her for reporting the incident.

“Officers were more interested in watching TV when I told them that it would be possible to trace one of the culprits via his Snapchat account,”according to the woman. She never heard anything back from police.

When Lamotte personally investigated the incident, he discovered that it was being treated as “aggravated rape” but no one even has begun working with the crime yet.

She was told by an officer named Therese Ottosson, that police do not have available personnel  to investigate the case.

Lamotte said it was very unbelievable because nothing has been done even if the police had the opportunity and evidence to swiftly arrest the culprits. One of the rapists is still uploading images and videos to Snapchat as if nothing happened.

Rapes have increase rapidly in Sweden over recent years. Authorities have claimed that this is due to the definition of rape being changed. Sex crimes in the country have doubled since 2012. The most recently available statistics showed that immigrants were 5.5 times more likely to carry out sexual assaults.

Separate rape assault steamed on Facebook case, which also occurred in Uppsala, saw the arrest of three asylum seekers in January. Witnesses to the rape said the suspects pulled a gun and threatened viewers of the stream. The incident was reported to police who intervened in the attack, which was also caught on camera.

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