• April 15, 2024

Woman Looks For Revenge on Boyfriend’s Car…Just One Little Problem [VIDEO]

 Woman Looks For Revenge on Boyfriend’s Car…Just One Little Problem [VIDEO]

19-year-old Florida woman, Carmen Chamblee wanted revenge on her ex-boyfriend and she decided to torch his car.  She opened the trunk, poured in gasoline and set it on fire.  As she stood there looking, a stranger came running towards her and tried to put out the blaze with just a pot of water.

Chamblee thought it was funny right up until the moment she found out that she had torched the wrong car.  To make matters worse, she has been charged with arson and she doesn’t even have the satisfaction of knowing she torched the car she wanted to do.  It’s a real lose/lose situation.

Wanting to get revenge on an ex brings out the worst in people, because it’s very, very personal. You slept with the person, lived with them, shared all of your worst secrets and deepest dreams with them. So when you feel betrayed, it pretty much destroys your faith in humanity and any hopes for future happiness.

The key is to try and keep your enthusiasm for life by doing things you love and going after what you know you need to do as an individual to be happy. And sometimes that means getting violent in the right direction, whether it’s going hard in the gym, kicking ass at work, or finally taking up that hobby and going at it with full force so you can finally get close to mastering something in your life.

Getting violent in the wrong direction is always, a bad, bad idea. Like don’t elaborately plan the death of your ex. And don’t go and set their car on fire.

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