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Woman Left Deformed After Botched Tummy Tuck [VIDEO]

 Woman Left Deformed After Botched Tummy Tuck [VIDEO]

Quanna Brown, 34, claims she’s lucky to be alive, after the surgery.
A mother of two has been left with horrific scars and a deformed tummy after an infection ravaged her body following a tummy tuck.
She has now shared these shocking photos of her scars, after the incisions opened and became infected.

Quanna decided to have the op in June 2015 after pregnancy weight knocked her body confidence.

After being bullied and called ugly and fat and felt she wanted to treat herself to a mummy make over.

However, the surgery left her in hospital for 50 days and required five surgeries to correct it.

Quanna, who’s now pregnant with her third child, has been left with a deformed stomach that she struggles to look at.

She said: “I basically wanted to make changes.

“I’d been through a lot and had people saying I was fat and ugly and after having kids, I wanted to get a mummy make over.

“I did a lot of research on the doctor – he got four and five stars and he was so nice and warming.

“I was very happy on the day of the surgery.

“I woke up bright and early and I was very excited, I went shopping, I wanted something new to wear after.”

But just four days later Quanna, from Chicago, Illinois, began experiencing a lot of pain and was unable to move.
But her incisions became infected and Quanna ended up in hospital for more than 50 days

Quanna is now expecting her third child and says her children have helped keep her positive during her nightmare ordeal
She said: “It felt like my bandages were too tight and I couldn’t walk.

“I’d never had surgery before so at first I thought it was normal.

“I could smell it and I could see all this puss and blood like it was infected, it felt like my skin was ripping apart.”

Quanna had to be pushed on a walker to her follow-up appointment.

I could smell it and I could see all this puss and blood like it was infected, it felt like my skin was ripping apart
Quanna BrownMum Of Two
She said: “The doctor said he’d never seen anything like this before and gave me antibiotics.

“But my parents demanded that they fix me.

“My insides were opened and I was ripped.

“He redid the wounds and sent me home.

“The next time I went back in he wasn’t there and his partner looked at me but also sent me home afterwards.”

In severe pain and unable to move, Quanna was rushed to the emergency room the next day.
The botched surgery needed five operations to correct it, including skin grafts
Quanna with her son Ashton Brown, three, and daughter Ava Brown, five
She said: “They saved my life.

“I barley remember it.
“I just remember one of the doctor’s face, she was looking so angry at what happened to me.”

Quanna stayed in hospital for more than 50 days and had five surgeries to remove skin and tissue as well as skin grafts.

She said: “When I got released from hospital, I wasn’t able to walk straight and I was on a cane.

“I was back and forth in hospital with blood clots, I spent two more weeks in hospital and I still wasn’t feeling well, and I had to do something.

“My turning point came when my daughter asked for a bowl of cereal and I couldn’t get it for her.”

After that day Quanna was determined to get better before her daughter, Ava’s, fifth birthday in October and started physical therapy.

She said: “Since then I am getting this back together.

“I am able to participate in activities like I used to and just hang out with my family and friends.”
Quanna said she can no longer look at her stomach, but her kids keep her smiling

In fact Quanna, whose third child is due in May, credits her children with keeping her fighting and smiling throughout the nightmare.

She added: “The kids keep me going. I can’t look at my stomach, it reminds me of a mushroom.

“But my daughter hugs and kisses me, she makes me feel better.

“A lot of my friends didn’t know what I had been through because I always have a smile on my face.

“I take care of my kids, they are my main concerns.

“I’m excited for my miracle baby and I am excited to just be alive.”

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