• July 16, 2024

Woman is Attacked at Beach By Three Bullies From High School [VIDEO]

 Woman is Attacked at Beach By Three Bullies From High School [VIDEO]

A woman planned on spending an enjoyable day at the beach, when three girls who used to bully her in high school saw her and began to attack her without mercy.  To make matters worse was that there were thirty or so spectators and not one of them lifted a hand to help her.  She suffered a broken nose and a concussion.  The three girls were subsequently arrested and charged.

 Video has surfaced of an assault in which three women allegedly teamed up to attack another woman they reportedly used to bully in high school (video below).

The video, which reportedly took place next to the Saluda River in Columbia, South Carolina, on March 15 shows three young women punching, hitting and scratching their 20-year-old victim.

The victim had a broken nose and a concussion from the assault.

Arlinda Craft, 18, Leigh Hill, 19, and Megan Williams, 20, have been charged with second-degree assault and battery by mob after Columbia police used the video for the investigation, according to WIS.

“No one defended me, out of the 30 people that were hanging around — which is really pathetic in my eyes,” the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The State.

According to Jennifer Timmons, a spokeswoman for the Columbia Police Department, “possible additional charges are being evaluated” for the three suspects.

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