Woman is Arrested For Firing a Shot at Man Raping a Dog

A woman heard her dog barking outside and she knew that meant something was going on.  She grabbed her pistol, went outside and saw a teenage boy raping the neighbor’s dog.  She shouted at him to quit raping the dog.  The woman claims she fired a warning shot into the ground to scare the kid away.

Kellie Lenkerd rang Centerton Police Department to report the alleged bestiality, however, officers arrested her and charged her with aggravated assault.

Lenkerd claimed the boy, who has not been named for legal reasons, was in her neighbors backyard wearing only his boxer shorts and a t-shirt while interfering with the dog.’I got my gun out of my safe and went out my back door. I told him to get on the f****** ground and pointed my gun at him.

‘He asked me if the gun was real and I said “what the f*** do you think?” I told him one more time to get on the f****** ground now.

In a statement to Centerton Police Department, Lenkerd claims she fired a warning shot

‘He headed over to the fence. I unlocked my fence and he jumped the fence. He started to run and I pointed the gun to the ground and fired to scare him. He kept running and said “you crazy b****”. I headed in and took my gun inside and called 911.

‘When I was outside I saw he left his clothes behind and iPad with headphones. I grabbed the iPad in case he came back to take his stuff. I needed evidence if it was him this time.’

H/T The Mail Online


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