• July 14, 2024

Woman Hires Male Escort For 3 Night Fling, Discovers What He Left Inside Her

 Woman Hires Male Escort For 3 Night Fling, Discovers What He Left Inside Her

A woman who hired a male escort at a hotel was impregnated and failed a legal battle to find out his identity. The woman and the male escort spent three nights at a hotel and impregnated her during that time. BBC reported that the hotel is not legally obligated to reveal the man’s identity – and his right to privacy was ultimately given precedence in court over her demand for child support.

The escort was known as “Michael,” the woman says, but there were three other Michaels in the hotel that time. The court judgement is that the four men had the right to “control their own data and protect their own marriage and family.”

The woman’s lack of detail about the father of her now 7-year-old son presented too much risk of personal information “being released at random,” decided by the court.

“Nor is it certain that the Christian name is indeed the name of the man in question,” the court stated. The Munich Appeal Court also decided not to take on the case, a spokeswoman told the BBC – meaning that the case is closed in accordance with German law.

Netizens agreed with the court’s decision, putting blame on the woman for making the choice to hire an escort. “He is a male prostitute that she hired. He did exactly what she wanted. This is just as stupid as a woman going to a sperm bank then wanting to know the identity of the donor so she can collect child support. It is the exact same thing,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“Anyone who thinks he’s responsible is a complete idiot. If she didn’t demand he use protection especially with a prostitute she’s a complete moron. Diseases alone should make her want to demand he uses a condom and the fact that I’ve never heard of a stripper or hooker that uses their real names she should have been smart enough to make sure she is on the pill or something to keep from getting knocked up if she’s out screwing anyone. If it’s your body and you make all the decisions about killing it, having it, or adopting it out then you should be making damn sure you are protecting your body from getting knocked up, it’s called personal responsibility,” another wrote.


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