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Woman Hears A Strange Noise After She Asked Her Boyfriend To Stop Alongside The Road

 Woman Hears A Strange Noise After She Asked Her Boyfriend To Stop Alongside The Road

A man riding his motorcycle had said his final goodbyes to the world after a serious crash falling more than 100 feet down an embankment.

It was an unfortunate day for Kevin Diepenbrock and his friend Phil Polito as they were riding their motorcycles on a stretch of road in the Smoky Mountains referred to as the “Tail of the Dragon.”

According to review by the independent journal, the section of US Highway 123 was unique in its way just because it has more than 300 curves in an 11-mile stretch. There are several warning sign placed around the area indicating how dangerous the road was until they actually learned the hard way.

The serious crash stated as Polito hit his brakes on the road, causing his friend Diepenbrock to quickly run into the back of his bike, they both fell down an embankment more than 100 feet and unfortunately for him he could not survive the crash which sent him and his friend Polito off the road.

As Diepenbrock was lying at the bottom of the embankment after the crash occurred, he was listened to the horns of the cars driving past the road above him, he attempted to raise his head and move but he was too injured so he decided to record the scene in a video saying his Goodbyes, preparing himself for the worst

 “It’s exactly 11:00” said by Diepenbrock in his video “Man, I wish you would tell or call my lovely Tennessee and tell her that she got a husband out there that has not checked in since 10:30 since morning he left out. I love you. I don’t know what to say. Probably I will be able to catch the next available state trooper in the morning. Love you. Have a goodnight. I love you and sweet dream.”

Diepenbrock continue screaming until 30 hours later when a woman riding on the back of a motorcycle heard him and asked her date to pull over so that she can buy a drink of water, but unfortunally the couple couldn’t see him where he was lying so they drove to a nearby business and asked for help. They returned with a man called Joshua Johnson, who works near the site where the crash occurred. Johnson walked to the edge of the embankment and looked around, until he was able to find Diepenbrock’s body where he was lying and Johnson Joshua couldn’t say at the time whether the victim was alive or not.

 A lot of people were involved, Diepenbrock said, trying to recall the moment Johnson came to help him. “But that’s the guy that when he was coming down the hill, I saw him and held my hand and said to me ‘All is going to be well and we are going to be out of here. He also told me that he is going get a hold of my family and the rest stuff like that. I can say that was the guy who meant everything to me.

Johnson said he was so determined to get Kevin out of the woods no matter what he had to do.

Johnson told WBIR that he already had 5 different plans he is going to use and one of them is going to work

“I want to thank Johnson and other group of generous strangers that helped me” said Diepenbrock.

After he was safely retrieved from the woods and taken to the hospital.

Diepenbrock expressed his gratitude by thanking Johnson and the couple for helping him out. He called what happened to him “divine intervention”.

“I’m a religious man because I have been raised that way. When you are taking about been down for almost complete 30 hours…it’s not a scenic area and there is no reason why a person should stop in such place to get a drink, “Diepenbrock said. “ There are some places where you can stop to oversee the valley. A lot of things that just shouldn’t have happened that happened and honestly I know that my God has a plan for my life and he has for other people too. It’s unclear what is all about the purpose but it worked out.”

Sources: IJ Review, WBIR


  • Praise God!

  • God is great. He most surely has plans for Diepenbrock. He has plans for all of us I believe it’s just a matter of whether we pay attention. Salvation is a free gift to us all. Please take it.

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