• June 13, 2024

Woman Has Sex With a Blindfold on Several Occasions and Then Learns the Truth

 Woman Has Sex With a Blindfold on Several Occasions and Then Learns the Truth


A woman met a man on the internet after he sent her a friend request. They talked online for a while but then the man, Kye Fortune, told her that he had been in a wreck and that doctors found he had a brain tumor and needed surgery.

They did talk on the phone and from his profile picture, he was half Asian and half Hispanic. They kept in contact until he finally agreed to meet with her. he just had one condition. He wanted her to wear a blindfold because he was self conscious about his scars from the brain operation. She agreed

At the time, he said, he was receiving treatment and claimed he was not well enough to see her in person. They spoke on the phone frequently, however, with the woman describing his voice as “high-pitched.”

“He was saying how much I had helped him get through his illness. (He said) it was a sign, we should get married, we should have kids, we were going to do all sorts of things,” the woman told police, Telegraph reported.

During the same time that she was talking to Fortune, the woman met Gayle Newland – who ultimately became a “really good friend” to her. Newland claimed to know Fortune

When the woman entered the hotel room, Fortune was in the bathroom and she was shocked to find the bed covered in rose petals and stuffed animals. Fortune finally exited the bathroom once the woman had her blindfold on, and told her that he had just left a private hospital. They proceeded to have sex, and he then told her that he had to go back to the hospital.

Several more visits took place before the truth was revealed.

“When I was having sex I grabbed for the back of his head and my hand got caught on something. It did not feel right,” the woman said in court, Telegraph reported.

“I was sat on the bed, he was standing up. Something in my mind said ‘pull it (the blindfold) off, pull it off’. I just pulled it off. Gayle was just standing there… I just couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it. Straight away she held her hand down over her face and said ‘it’s not what you think.’”

Okay. She took the blindfold off and finds that she has been getting banged by a lesbian wearing a prosthetic tool. What part is not what it looks like?

H/T The Telegraph


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