Woman Has Second Thoughts After Setting BF On Fire; Puts Out Fire With Urine [VIDEO]

A Penn Hills woman is allegedly accused of setting her boyfriend on fire and then putting the fire out with urine because she was angry, local police said.

Leigh Ann Sepelyak, 38-years-old, is now facing charges including attempted homicide and arson for the incident that happened early Sunday morning.

Penn Hills authorities said Sepelyak and her boyfriend were involved in domestic argument in the bottom floor of a home on Lime Hollow Road.

According to reports, when the unidentified boyfriend fell asleep,the investigators said Sepelyak poured gasoline on him and set it on fire with a lit match.

“The gas ignited, and the boyfriend caught fire from the waist down,” Penn Hills Police Chief Howard Burton told news stations.

The local police also said Sepelyak then decided to put the fire out, but instead of using water, she grabbed a bucket of urine that the couple had been using in place of a bathroom and poured it onto the victim.

People who live above the couple drove the victim to UPMC Mercy, where he’s said to have burns to at least 25 percent of his lower body.

Penn Hills police said they had no prior interactions with the couple, and Sepelyak would only explain the incident by saying that she was angry.


Source: Metro UK


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