Woman Goes Into Labor, She And Husband Are Shocked By What Comes Out


A woman and her husband were stunned at the delivery of their second twin. The child was born healthy but was encased in a clear, egg-like sac. The rare phenomenon is known as an en caul birth. The amniotic sac serves as a barrier to protect the fetus’ body during pregnancy.

The baby inside the sac breathes through the umbilical cord, according to The New York Times. Usually, the sac bursts under the strain of childbirth — which mothers usually refer to as their “water breaking” — but in this case, the amniotic sac stayed intact.

When babies are born en caul, they act as if they were still in the womb, taking in oxygen through the placenta.

Footage of the remarkable childbirth, which took place at a hospital in Barretos, Brazil, was shared in a Facebook post without the unidentified woman’s permission.

According to New York Times, the nurses poking and prodding at the sac without breaking it can be seen in the video.

“Look what I had the honour of filming in my dear Santa House Mercy,” the nurse, Gih Flor de Lis, wrote, clarifying that the newborn was actually one of a set of twins, the first to be delivered vaginally.

“We were waiting to stabilize the first baby and the second came softly, in fact, look there that beautiful!!! Historic moment!” she wrote in the post.

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