Woman Files Charges Against Officer and Then Is Caught Stealing His Gun

  When Latoca Lashai went to file a complaint against a police officer, she decided to help herself to the investigator’s gun.  She has filed unspecified charges against Investigator Aldin Lolic.  She was caught on camera entering his office and walking out with his gun.  You would think that would destroy her credibility, but you’d be wrong.  Her bail for stealing an officer’s gun out of his office was only $1,000.

 Latoca Lashai Davis, age 27, of the 4800 block of Calvin Avenue, went to the Civilian Oversight Board for the St. Louis Police Department on Thursday, July 27, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

She was seen on surveillance video entering Investigator Aldin Lolic’s office, then seen later leaving with the gun. Lolic works as an investigator but is not a commissioned police officer.

Court records said that Investigator Lolic kept his gun, a Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol, in a bag in his office.

Lashai’s complaint is still being filed against the officer, despite the fact that the woman stole a firearm. Investigators refused to comment on the nature of the complaint due to the now-open investigation into the police officer.

“The charges and the internal affairs complaint are separate incidents,” a police spokesperson wrote to the Riverfront Times. “The internal affairs complaint is an ongoing investigation and it would be premature to discuss it at this time.”

The Circuit Attorney’s Office charged Davis with one count of felony stealing a firearm. Judge Barbara Peebles set Davis’ bond at 10% of $10,000, and she has since bonded out of jail. Her next court date is on August 14.

H/T Blue Lives Matter

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