Woman Doesn’t Pull Over On Dark Street For Police, Drives To Public Area, Pays The Price [VIDEO]

A nurse from Indiana says she’s currently facing a felony charge and the potential loss of her job after she refused to immediately pull over for a patrolman because she didn’t think it was a safe place to stop.

DelRea Good, 52-year-old, instead put on her emergency signals and waved to the officer out her window to let the officer know she wasn’t resisting the arrest before pulling over less than a mile away in a lit store’s parking lot.

When approached by Porter County Patrolman William Marshall, Good claime was just trying to protect herself.

“I felt I didn’t do anything wrong. I got to a safe place and I told him that,” she said.

Good recalled how the angry patrolman let out his threat, “What in the hell are you doing? I could arrest you for this.”

In which she responded with “I don’t care who you are. I don’t have to stop on a county road. I’m a single female,” she quoted.

She was arrested and taken into custody for resisting arrest.

A Porter County Sheriff’s spokesperson said they’re standing by Marshall’s decision.

Good has now hired an attorney to fight the felony charge while insisting that the resisting arrest charge — which jeopardizes her career — is totally unfair.

Good’s actions were based on Portage police’s previously advice on what a driver should do if there’s a safety concern while being pulled over.

Drivers were advised to “acknowledge the officer by waving” and “driving to a well-lit public location” if questioning an officer’s identity.

Good stated that she did not want to stop on an unfamiliar place as there have been multiple cases of criminals impersonation police officers in the past few years.

Defense attorney Bob Harper thinks Good’s actions regarding the incident was not irrational, and that the woman used good judgement.

Source: FacebookOpposing Views, Huffington Post


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