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Woman Doesn’t Know Who Her New Husband Is..Until It’s Too Late

 Woman Doesn’t Know Who Her New Husband Is..Until It’s Too Late

A woman met a man and after dating for several months, they get married and she was so happy until she learned his secret.  They spent their honeymoon at her grandmother’s house.  The grandmother went onto her computer and she was appalled by what she saw.  There were about 20 pictures of sexual abuse of children.  Jazmin Cullen, 24, confronted her husband Jason Cullen, 31, who tried to pin the blame on grandma before finally admitting that he did it.  It turns out his real name is  Jason Hodson, had reportedly already been arrested for possessing more than 8,000 images of child abuse.  He served two years for his crime and then says he changed his name because he was getting death threats.

 “He seemed like such a normal and charming man and still to this day I find it very hard to believe it is the same person,” Jazmin said. “I wanted to believe it was all a mistake. At no point did I ever support his actions, but I wanted to believe that it was not true.”

Jason pleaded guilty to possessing the 20 images found on Drayton’s computer at Sutton Magistrates’ Court in April 2011. He told the court he was abused when he was 16 years old, but no one was arrested in that incident.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that his pictures were in articles I found online, I would never have believed he had this double life,” Jazmin said. “I was completely dumbfounded.”

Jason was given an 18-month community order and was fined $120. He had spent 14 weeks in custody after his arrest.

“Seeing him convicted was a mix of relief, complete devastation and disbelief,” Jazmin said. “’I did love him completely, and my wedding day was a lovely and happy day for me at the time, but now thinking of him is very distressing. Divorcing him will be the final step in moving on but so far he has denied me that.”

But Jazmin said Jason continues to change his name and move around the country, making divorcing him impossible. She is now hoping to obtain a decree nisi on the grounds that she and Jason have been living apart for five years.

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