Woman Details Sexual Abuse Her Daughter Suffered in This Shocking Video Viewed Over 63 million Times


In a video that has been viewed nearly 63 million times, a Colorado mother took to Facebook to detail a sexual assault committed by her ex-husband against her daughter.

Catherine St. Germain of Loveland, Colorado posted the video in April of 2016 as a reminder of what happened to her daughter Alyssa. St. Germain’s ex-husband, Aaron Tyrell Scott pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting Alyssa in November 2015. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

St. Germain held up cards in the video, detailing her marriage to Scott, a father of three children she knew for 20 years before they began dating. She says she posted the video as a reminder to bring awareness to sexual assault.

E. Goldstein

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