Woman Complains About an Itchy Eye: She’s Horrified When She Discovers What It Is [VIDEO]

A woman goes to the doctor because her eye feels itchy.  The doctors ran several batteries of tests before discovering the disturbing cause of her discomfort.  The woman was horrified when the doctors explained that she needed surgery and why.

The surgery, which can be seen in full glory in the video, proved to be a success, relieving the woman of her symptoms.

It lasted for 10 minutes and revolved around doctors using medical equipment to drag out the worm from its new home, local reports say.

What was the worm?

Upon closer inspection, the worm that invaded and took shelter in her eye was found to be a dirofilaria.

These worms, which can cause an infection called dirofilariasis, are most commonly transmitted by mosquitos, fleas, lice and ticks.

There have been less than 900 cases of dirofilariasis worldwide since it was first documented in 1885, according to the Journal of Parasitic Diseases.

The majority of cases are reported from southern and eastern Europe, Sri Lanka, Italy, France, Greece and Spain.

H/T The Mail Online


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