Woman Breastfeeds On Live TV, Defends Having Sex in Same Room as Children [VIDEO]

Vlogger and mother of three Tasha Maile appeared on U.K. show This Morning for an interview earlier this month. While breastfeeding, she defended comments she made about having sex while your children are in the room.

“Spiritual Tasha Mama,” as she’s known online, appeared to defend her controversial comments from a YouTube video in support of breastfeeding whilst having sex.

“Being more adult about the conversation and getting to the actual details, the baby was sleeping while breastfeeding,” she noted. “I think we all like sex, there’s no secret about it. I think it’s totally fine if the baby’s sleeping.”

“You were accused of involving your child in a sex act, which you were surprised at the backlash weren’t you,” host Phillip Schofield asked.

“I wasn’t surprised, no. Because I know that people read titles and don’t actually listen to the video,” Maile replied.

Maile was asked whether she thought there was an age a child can get to when it becomes unacceptable to have sex in front of them.

Maile said she doesn’t have sex in front of her eldest child.

“I don’t really think it becomes ‘not okay.’ I mean, I’m sure lots of us have walked in on our parents. Just because we walked in doesn’t make it not O.K. to be having sex,” she said.

“If you’re having sex in front of your children, and it feels good to be having sex in front of your children,” she started, before noting “I never talked about that in any of my videos.”

“That is a hell of a quote,” an incredulous Schofield replied.

“Is it okay to kill somebody in front of your children, children are watching news all the time,” Maile astutely observed.

“If you did that in this country I’ve got a feeling that social services would be knocking on your door,” Schofield said.

Maile agreed, and pointed out that her original video was about having sex while your children are sleeping.

Source: Mediaite

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