• June 16, 2024

[VIDEO] Woman Becomes Unglued Over Lyft Driver’s “Racist” Hula Doll

 [VIDEO] Woman Becomes Unglued Over Lyft Driver’s “Racist” Hula Doll

A remarkable video recently uploaded to YouTube shows a woman aggressively berating her Lyft driver for daring to be white while having a “racist” hula girl doll in his car.

It truly has to be seen to be believed.

The video was sent anonymously to libertarian activist Lauren Southern, who uploaded it to YouTube along with a short introduction.

The woman berating the driver has been identified as Annaliese Nielsen, who operates an exclusive girls-only online social club in Los Angeles.

The footage, recorded by Nielsen herself, opens with her aggressively criticizing her Lyft driver, apparently after noticing that he has a small hula girl doll on his dashboard.

The attack begins on a promising note, with Nielsen asking the driver why he didn’t “think about the pillaging of the, like, continent of Hawaii.” Hawaii is, of course, a small archipelago and not a continent.

Nielsen follows up by saying the driver, as a “white male,” didn’t have the right to defend the doll because he is “the person who is least hurt in the situation.” The driver later states that he actually is Asian, prompting Nielsen to demand a precise description of his Asian heritage.

When the driver continues to resist her demands to take down the doll, Neilsen escalates to the next logical step, threatening to send video of the conversation to Gawker.

“You’re gonna be on Gawker,” the woman says with a laugh, indicating the video predates Gawker’s high-profile shutdown earlier in August. “You’ll be, like, the next Internet meme.”

Despite only being in the man’s car for the length of a single taxi ride, the woman says she has the right to demand the doll’s removal because “it’s a thing that actually affects my life, and a thing that doesn’t affect your life.”

When another passenger comes to the driver’s defense and suggests the woman’s complaints are “pathetic,” the woman responds by demanding to know the passenger’s full name, presumably for later Gawker-related activities.

Ironically, Nielsen also accuses the driver of being “very rude and extremely entitled.”

“I’m sorry that you have no consideration for actual Hawaiian people who don’t want to be a bobblehead item in your car while you’re driving for Lyft,” she says. “You fucking selfish dumbass idiot.”

Eventually, instead of completing the ride, the driver finally decides he’s had enough and boots the woman out of the car, which Lyft policy gives him complete freedom to do.

After the video started going viral, Nielsen published a response on Facebook, confirming that she was the woman in the video while denouncing criticism of her as a “gamergate style anti feminist bunch of nonsense.”


In her response, Nielsen says the encounter occurred several months ago. She said it was a “sketchy ride” and that the fight began when she questioned the Lyft driver about her fellow passenger, which made him angry.

“He was rude and I started and argument with him trying to explain to him that a ‘Hawaiian girl’ bobble head doll is akin to a black face mammy and maybe not the finest item to keep in his car,” she said.

Nielsen also said she is an “annoying monster” who was “drunk and furious” that night, and therefore her behavior wasn’t really surprising.

Article source - Daily Caller
Article source – Daily Caller


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