Woman Accused of Blackmailing Teen To Have Sex In Port-a-Potty

A Mississippi teen told police a family friend forced him to have sex inside of a porta-potty. He said the woman threatened to accuse him of rape if he did not consent.

Tina G. Thomas, 46, was arrested and charged with sexual assault on December 30, 2016. The 16-year-old said it happened in Gulf Breeze in the suspect’s vacation rental home.

The victim said on the day of the assault, he and Thomas went to the store to buy milk. Thomas forced the victim to have sex with her after insisting they make another stop.


The victim said they drove to a porta-potty, where Thomas told the victim he was going to have sex with her. The victim told deputies he did not want to.

That’s when the victim claims Thomas threatened that she “would tell everyone that he raped her”.



The victim said he engaged in intercourse with her in order to save himself from that kind of allegation.


The victim told authorities Thomas had repeatedly tried to have sex with him, grabbed at him and exposed herself to him in the past.


E. Goldstein

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