• July 23, 2024

Wisconsin Family Facing Jail For Living In RV On Their Own Property After Fire Devastated Their Home

 Wisconsin Family Facing Jail For Living In RV On Their Own Property After Fire Devastated Their Home

Most Americans agree that some level of government is necessary even in a free society in order for it to properly function.

But at the time, we’re betting the majority of Americans would also say that on every level — federal, state, and local — America in 2019 has far too much government. 

One family in Wisconsin certainly thinks so.

As reported by The Free Thought Society, the Navari family of Madison suffered the unfortunate loss of their home and nearly all of their possessions due to a fire. At that point, the family believed that things could not get worse for them, but they have since been proven wrong.

“Now, as the family battles the insurance company to pay for the damage, they are also battling a government who says it’s illegal for them to live in an RV in their own driveway while they conduct repairs,” the group reports.

A rational person would think that the family, being on their own property for which taxes are current, would be safe to live for a time following a disaster in a vehicle specifically designed to be a mobile home. 

But no.

The family didn’t just pull into the driveway with a banged up piece of junk like the one Uncle Eddie drove in the movie “Christmas Vacation,” dumping sewage into the city storm drain. The Navaris actually asked for permission from city officials to move into the RV and officials said no problem.

“We called the alderman, the mayor was aware of it. We were told as long as I was approved by the homeowners (association) board, then we could get a temporary permit. They were OK with it,” Pam Navari said, according to The Free Thought Project. 

They face jail time, too

But then one board member reneged on the decision and since then has made life completely miserable for the Navari family.

“The next thing we knew, we get a letter from a board member saying it was against the covenant. They were not able to change the covenant. They felt sympathy for us in our situation, but we needed to leave,” Navari said.

She posted a picture of the email to Facebook so she could back up her claims. The so-called “sympathy” expressed by the board member was followed quickly with a demand for the family to get off their own property post-haste.

“This email is being sent to you on behalf of the Annandale Property Owners Association. We understand that you have had some damage caused to your property and are having to live in a temporary housing unit in your driveway,” the email reads.

“While we sympathize with you, this is against the neighborhood’s protective covenants. The Board of Directors does not have the power to change the covenants without the consent of the majority of the neighborhood,” the email continued, demanding that the RV be removed by Sept. 5 “to avoid any penalties.”

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