• July 22, 2024

Why Women Are Gluing Eyelashes To Their Eyebrows Is Absolutely Ridiculous….

 Why Women Are Gluing Eyelashes To Their Eyebrows Is Absolutely Ridiculous….

We are in February, and it looks like we will be starting the year with a fake eyelashes trend – which some women believe to be fashionable.

We have seen so many fashion trends, but why this? We can all agree that eyelashes can make your eyes pop, and contribute to enhancing beauty in some women, But wearing them on your eyebrows? I mean, seriously? They claim it gives them some kind of “exotic look.” 

Still, this is what fashion brands are doing to their poor models for some reason, and I really don’t get it. Gucci’s Spring 2020 Funway Show featured just that, as the models walked the runway wearing fake lashes applied directly on top of their brows. Apparently, it was makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver’s idea, that he himself glued on.

AWM pointed out:

While the beauty world might think this is a great new style, many people are simply shocked that women are putting fake lashes on their eyebrows to “accentuate” their looks and appear more striking in public. Nevertheless, people are always looking for ways to enhance their looks and to appear different than other people who are putting themselves out there.

The truth is that this kind of look does not come without risks. Aside from the obvious potential for an allergic reaction, there’s also the risk of eye infection if the glue and fake lashes are not properly applied. Moreover, it can be very difficult to remove the lashes once they’ve been glued on, so many women have found themselves stuck with the eyelashes on their eyebrows for days or even the possible weeks at a time.

Now, I don’t have anything against Kluyver or Gucci, in fact, I think they are so talented and I admire all their hard work. But there has to be an end to all of this madness. Are people really out of ideas that they resort to these kinds of dumb “hacks” such as sticking false eyelashes on your eyebrows? Come on people, this is so cringe-worthy! I’m barely adjusting to the whole eyelash extensions thing. And I promise mascara is still a good choice over false lashes for those who prefer it!

The inspiration is said to come from Twiggy, who was known for her exquisite and fashionable looks. The models were all laid with lashes appearing more surreal and well..fake if you ask me. Some of these models even look so mad and unfazed in photos. Between you and me, I bet they are angry because these women know this is beyond the line and it is kind of scary.

It is okay to be interested in fashion and follow trends without caring what others think. But sometimes it might be going too far, just like the latest eyebrow trend that makes no sense at all.

Source: AWM

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