Why We Are Now Calling For The Arrest, Prosecution & EXECUTION Of All Corporate Leaders Who Colluded With Communist China To Suppress Human Rights

(Natural News) Communist China is the most treacherous and cruel government regime in the world. The regime has no regard for human rights or civil rights and routinely engages in heinous activities that violate the fundamental principles of human rights, such as:

  • Arresting and disappearing political dissidents who oppose the CCP regime.
  • Imprisoning and torturing citizens who dare speak out against the government.
  • Murdering and harvesting organs from political dissidents.
  • Carrying out Holocaust-like activities of ethnic cleansing (see video below).
  • Stealing advanced weapons technology and threatening to use that stolen tech to mass murder targeted nations such as the USA.
  • Using lies and extreme bullying tactics to silence entire nations such as Taiwan.
  • Threatening family members of overseas political dissidents as a way to force people into silence so they won’t speak out against China’s crimes against humanity.

Here’s footage of a recent Holocaust-like mass arrest in China, where Uigur Muslims are reportedly handcuffed, covered with hoods and loaded onto trains to be shipped off to actual re-education camps:

The communist Chinese government (CCP) is an evil, anti-human regime run by some of the worst criminals our planet has ever produced. The CCP murders political enemies without any regard for human life, and it steals, deceives, intimidates and oppresses in every way imaginable, all in an effort to expand its power and dominate the planet.

CCP military leaders have stated their ultimate goal is the complete elimination of the United States of America and the mass murder of U.S. citizens. The engineering and release of the Wuhan coronavirus seems likely to have been the first step in accomplishing that goal: The virus was a weapon, and it was built in China.

See this important interview with J.R. Nyquist on China’s long-term plan to destroy the United States of America and mass murder all Americans:

As part of its globally coordinated disinfo campaign to maximize the spread of the virus, the Chinese government deliberately withheld critical information about the coronavirus as it was spreading throughout China, and the CCP even pressured the communist-infiltrated WHO to make sure international air travel remained fully functional while China deliberately “seeded” the virus around the world by flying infected communist Chinese to key cities across the globe.

This was a deliberate anti-human conspiracy on China’s part, with the goal of crushing the economies of Western nations and causing untold human suffering and death around the world (both from the coronavirus itself and from the reaction to it).

China, in other words, is waging war against humanity.

Hundreds of U.S. corporations have joined forces with communist China to undermine the United States of America — this is TREASON

Yet somehow, even as this war is being waged, hundreds of prominent U.S. corporations are siding with China, colluding with the anti-human, anti-American regime in an effort to pocket more profits, even as people are being mass murdered in China and elsewhere.

As The Epoch Times reports:

U.S. tech firm Cisco Systems, for instance, helped Beijing build its vast internet censorship and surveillance apparatus known as the Great Firewall, he said. Others, “such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple have shown themselves all too willing to collaborate with the CCP,” Barr added.

It’s not just the evil tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Apple who are aiding and abetting a criminal government regime; it’s also Hollywood, the mainstream media, the NBA and even elected representatives in the U.S. Congress.

Many of the 269 corporations that have been caught aiding and abetting Black Lives Matter terrorist organizations are the same companies that are colluding with communist China to weaponize technology against humanity. “America’s tech giants have also aided the regime in building surveillance technology and censored their products in exchange for access to the Chinese market,” reports TET.

AG William Barr has it right when he says, via TET:

“Appeasing the PRC [People’s Republic of China] may bring short-term rewards,” Barr continued in a message directed at U.S. business leaders. “But in the end, the PRC’s goal is to replace you.”

He’s right about that. The goal of the CCP is not coexistence with the United States of America, but rather the destruction of the USA and all its people.




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