• July 14, 2024

Why Is The IRS Buying So Many Machine Guns….

 Why Is The IRS Buying So Many Machine Guns….

The federal government’s weaponization and militarization proceed unabated, while Congress and the states do little.
When questioned why the IRS needed automatic firearms, millions of rounds of ammo, and heavily armed workers trained in the “use of force,” they answered it was for “administrative reasons.”

But we now know that the globalists are arming the IRS, as well as nearly every other federal agency. They are militarizing these institutions to the hilt with military-grade weapons that American civilians do not have access to.

Why, for example, does the IRS require armored trucks, tear gas-loaded flash-bang grenades, and. Submachine guns with a caliber of 40?

For at least ten years, the IRS has been arming itself. According to an August 8, 2022 Forbes story titled “Inflation Reduction Act Unleashes A Tougher IRS,” the IRS possessed 4,487 firearms and 5,062,006 rounds of ammunition in its weapons hoard at the end of 2017. You can guarantee they have a lot more than that stashed away for six years later, in 2023.

Here’s an excerpt from the Forbes article:

“The Schumer-Manchin tax bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act, which passed the Senate on Sunday, raises taxes and will give the IRS billions to go into what the Wall Street Journal called ‘beast mode.’”

The video below by Mark Gifford, a pastor from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, who runs the God Family and Guns YouTube channel, explains why this militarization is taking place.

Over the last two years, the IRS has increased its purchases of firearms and ammunition, spending about $700,000 on ammunition in early 2022. Representatives Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC) introduced the “Disarm the IRS Act,” which would bar the IRS from purchasing ammunition in bulk. Of course, this idea was doomed from the start since Washington’s Uniparty, which includes all Democrats and a good majority of Republicans, is all for a military federal government. They despise Americans and do not represent them. They are globalists who are staunch supporters of the military-industrial-biosecurity complex.

The IRS is not the only agency involved in this militarization.

Hundreds of.40-caliber submachine guns have also been purchased by the United States Department of Agriculture, allegedly for raids on independent food producers. I

If you weren’t aware, they have a special loathing for the Amish.

As the state condemned and seized his land, the USDA invaded the Fisher family’s farm in Farmville, Virginia, and seized their livestock and meat-processing facilities. They are Amish people.

The Small Business Administration has also purchased large quantities of guns and ammunition. Health and Human Services has followed suit.

Is the federal government preparing an all-out assault on Americans who oppose government-approved messages on pandemics, our engagement in continuous foreign wars, and other globalist adventurism?

Do you have the impression that the globalists are preparing to quiet us once and for all and that the only way to accomplish this is through force? It would only take a few dozen if not a few hundred, outspoken conservatives to set an example. The long-term goal would be to punish any speech that undermines the government’s and its corporate allies’ messaging.

The globalists’ hope is that conservatives will turn on each other out of fear of being next. Make an agreement to turn in a fellow conservative, protecting your own skin from the reign of terror. This is how life works under fascist regimes like the one currently in power, so don’t be surprised if they follow suit.

It is likely to occur after they steal yet another election in November 2024. It would be simple to carry off because they monitor everyone’s internet speech. They make several high-profile arrests and encourage people to turn against one another. This would be especially beneficial during a period of economic distress when people’s families are hungry.

Turn in a neighbor and get a month’s worth of groceries delivered to your door.

Trump supporters’ indictments in Georgia and Michigan have already delivered a terrifying message. But the deep state is active on multiple fronts. They’ve also started detaining pro-life protesters and charging them with violating the corrupt FACE Act. Since the early 1970s, people in the United States have been protesting abortion. The administration is now tightening down and providing signals that things are changing. Such demonstrations will no longer be permitted.

LifeSite News reported:

A jury on Tuesday found five pro-life activists guilty of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act and conspiracy against rights. They were immediately incarcerated following the verdict and could face more than a decade in prison for their efforts to prevent women from killing their preborn babies.

Did you notice what I said? You can now get up to ten years in prison for praying with and counseling women outside of an abortion facility. The story goes on to clarify that the judge regarded these pro-life Americans to have committed a “crime of violence” merely by possessing pro-life beliefs and being prepared to share them publicly in close proximity to a baby-butchering clinic. The irony is difficult to overlook.

In the month of August alone, four Americans had their houses broken into and invaded by the FBI in pre-dawn raids, and in each case, the suspect was slain in cold blood. One example featured a 100 percent disabled U.S. military veteran in Henderson, Tennessee, who was shot on August 16 while unarmed.

Another case featured a 74-year-old man in Provo, Utah, who was fat and unable to walk without a cane, but he was shot dead on August 9 by the FBI.

According to what I can tell, none of these poor souls represented an immediate threat to their families or communities. The Utah man made threats against Biden on his Facebook page but was clearly unable to carry them out. The feds could have apprehended him calmly as he pulled out of his driveway. But they had to make a statement.

After enough Americans are slaughtered in this manner, and fear of speaking out becomes embedded in society, I believe there will come a time, maybe sooner than we realize, when political dissidents will simply vanish. As they vanish into the gulag, no one will know what happened to them.

With each successive episode, the situation becomes increasingly dire. The best way to prevent this troubling trend from spreading is for more people to speak out more forcefully than ever before. Maintain your calm, yet express yourself verbally. They can’t kill or arrest everyone. There is power in numbers. Pray for peace and more time before the unavoidable societal breakdown. I have a feeling that people aren’t prepared for what’s to come. Even if they are awakening, they are not prepared for a world in which they are deemed criminals for something they said or wrote.

Barack Obama once stated that we needed a national police force that is larger and more powerful than the US military, and he we are.

The transformation of America has begun.


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