Why Have Supermarkets Suddenly Started Overstocking Food?

 Why Have Supermarkets Suddenly Started Overstocking Food?

Something is happening and if you need proof of that just take a look at your local grocery stores.

We have heard for months and even years that a crash is about to occur in the world.

Now, with everything happening within our nation with Biden going socialist on us all that appears to be the case even more so.

There have been reports that grocery stores around the world are stocking up in anticipation of some sort of economic crash. Also, these reports cite inflation, but is inflation our only concern?

There have been talks of supply chain disruption, new lockdown issues being ordered, and that is already on top of the economic struggles most countries are already still reeling from over the last year.

Then you couple that with the decreased tax revenue and business expenses due to canceling contracts for oil pipelines.

I am not going to lie, the situation does not look good, but maybe, just maybe something can save us in 2022.

Until then, read on and decide if you need to potentially prepare for something big coming:

Daily Mail summarized the issue:

Supermarkets have started stockpiling food as inflation rises to its highest level in 13 years and they predict it will get worse.

Retailers are currently buying up to 25 percent more supplies than usual ahead of the predicted rise.

Recent data from the US Department of Agriculture revealed the consumer price index for grocery store and supermarket food purchases was up 0.7 percent in May compared to May of last year.

The Guardian adds:

Sainsbury’s has warned of gaps on shelves as supplies of some products including salads, beers and soft drinks run low because of shortages of lorry drivers and an uptick in staff forced to self-isolate because of covid-19.

Supplies of some non-food items has also been hit by global supply chain challenges caused by shortages of shipping containers, interruptions at factories and a shortfall in computer chips caused by surging demand for electronic equipment.

Simon Roberts, the Sainsbury’s chief executive, said demand for soft drinks, beer and barbecue foods had all been stronger than expected in recent weeks as families continue to eat more at home and friends gather around their television sets to watch the Euro 2020 football tournament.



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