Why Are So Many People Gushing About Susan Sultan’s Looks

Just from looking at Susan Sultan, it’s hard to see why the internet is burning up with people complimenting her looks.  She is not ugly by any sense of the word but neither is she a beauty queen.  She doesn’t even pretend to be the purveyor of advise on beauty.  She does brag about the fact that she has never had any plastic surgery of any kind.  So, why does this woman attract so much attention and admiration?  Maybe it’s because she is 94 years old.  Sultan says the only reason she can give for her looks at such an advanced age is that she never smoked or drank.

 Good genes can appear in many forms. Some genetic advantages are very apparent, like keeping your hair as you age, while others are more subtle, like being able to eat whatever you want without gaining weight.

Susan Sultan from France was blessed with an amazing quantity of good genes. People always tell her how young she looks, but when they find out her real age, they just can’t believe it…

She has never had any plastic surgery and claims not to have any special tricks for staying youthful-looking other than not smoking, not overeating, and dressing nicely. Still, people are shocked when they hear how old she really is.

Susan’s niece Iris says that she has never worked too hard, visits the beach frequently, and enjoys her red wine. Susan’s mother had similarly good genes and lived to the age of 102.

Susan is in such good shape that she recently thwarted a mugger who tried to take her bag. He was so stunned when she fought back that he just gave up!

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