WHOA: Tucker Carlson Just CONFIRMED Justin Trudeau Is The SON Of FIDEL CASTRO

Over the last few years, it seems that every conspiracy theory that has been uttered has come true. We are definitely living in a world where what was once covered is now being revealed and people are beginning to see just how evil our world really is.

One long-time conspiracy theory was that Justin Trudeau is actually the son of Fidel Castro.

It seemed wild and crazy for sure but you cannot help but notice the uncanny similarities of the two.

The resemblance is uncanny to me:


Justin and Fidel look incredibly similar right down to the smile.

It is the same sort of resemblance that many have noticed between Chelsea Clinton and her rumored biological father, Webb Hubbell:


That is some serious resemblance as well too!

Of course, someone just looking like another does not prove parentage, and that is why people have claimed that these are just wild conspiracy theories.

Well, according to Tucker Carlson it appears we will all need new one’s cause as mentioned before, they all keep coming true!


Yes, on a show this week, Tucker Carlson came right out and said it during a game of trivia.

Watch here on Rumble:

Wow, right?

The reaction has been incredible online:


So what do you all think?

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Sassy Liberty


Sassy Liberty is a political writer for the better part of a decade. She has been vocal for years on social media concerning the communist agenda that has infiltrated our country. She is an advocate for medical freedom, homeschooling, and defunding the woke culture. Do you want to stop the war on kids and defund the commie agenda? msha.ke/danielledeperi

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