WHOA! This Woman’s Explanation For Sleeping With TEN THOUSAND MEN IN A YEAR Is Absolutely….

A woman has proudly admitted she sleeps with thousands of people every year.

Viral pornstar Sophie Anderson claims she sleeps with over 10,000 people a year. Anderson, 33, who became internet famous along with pornstar Rebecca More, began her career as a teenage escort. The number of people she has sex with every day is mind-boggling.

On a podcast interview with The Fellas, Anderson told hosts Calfreezy and Chip that she “was seeing at least 10 to 20 clients a day” at the start of her career. She did that for 16 years, until breaking the internet with Rebecca More after making a gang bang video.

Now, Anderson and More have a popular OnlyFans account where they can be their own bosses. But back in the day, Anderson had to put up with greedy bosses and clients who could become violent and scary. As an escort, she experienced being drugged, raped, tied up, and abandoned.

“In the massage parlors, it was like 80 pounds ($92), but the management would take your first two clients, so you don’t get anything for the first two,” Anderson told The Fellas hosts. “At the end of the day, that’s your f—ing body, I want to be paid top dollar.”

The host then estimated that if she slept with 5,000 people per year over the past 16 years, she had around 80,000 sexual encounters during that period, to which Anderson responded, “That sounds about right.”

But now that Anderson is retired from being an escort, she said the number has gone down to around 15 people a week.

In the interview, Anderson also shared more details about her experience working as an escort, revealing that the money “wasn’t as good” in the beginning as people may think.

When asked by the hosts if those experiences made her want to stop doing sex work, the OnlyFans star said they were not, explaining that “because of my sex drive, if I don’t have it, I get mental. That’s my thing to keep me high all the time.”

The hosts suggested that Anderson might be a nymphomaniac or a person with an uncontrollable sexual desire.

“Why not? I think we all have things that we go to. In the past, mine was cocaine. I love the gym. And sex is such a beautiful thing,” she responded.

The adult entertainer revealed in an exclusive interview with The Sun that the near-death experience left her feeling that her career was “in tatters.”

Her boyfriend Damian Oliver has been doing his best to keep her positive, including proposing in the hospital with a Haribo ring and bringing her a puppy.

Watch the video below for more details:

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