Who Soros Just Set His Sights On Should Make You VERY Worried!

If this were a comic book story, George Soros would be the obvious villain of the tale.

Soros is evil and is just one of the elites working hard to destroy America so that the New World Order can finally occur.

Of course, no one in this country would have handed over their freedoms willingly, which is why this has taken decades to implement, and a lot of money.

Soros has been funding the demise of our nation for years, and now he has the next target all ready to go for the 2022 elections.

He has his eye on a crucial race and one very controversial politician, and he’s ready to pump this puppet full of cash to help her win the race.

So, who is it?

Well, it’s none other than Stacey Abrams.

Western Journal reported:

Billionaire financier George Soros donated more than one million dollars to help Democratic former Georgia State Rep. Stacey Abrams have a second chance to become the state’s governor.

Fox News first reported news of Soros bankrolling Abrams’ second gubernatorial bid.

Soros’ campaign financing vehicle Democracy PAC II donated $1 million to One Georgia Inc., Federal Election Commission records show.

According to court documents, one Georgia Inc. is a leadership committee formed to assist Abrams in her quest to become governor. However, Fox News reported that neither One Georgia Inc. nor Abrams has publicly acknowledged its existence.

The committee suspended its activities in April after a federal judge ruled that under state law, Abrams has to win the Democratic nomination towards the end of May before the committee can resume its activities, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Soros’ Federal Election Commission records show that the address listed as One Georgia Inc.’s address is the same as that of Abram’s campaign committee as posted on her campaign website.

The Democratic Governors Association-Georgia and the Abrams-linked Fair Fight PAC have also donated money to One Georgia Inc.

The DGA-Georgia gave One Georgia Inc. $1 million on March 11 — the day when Soros also donated to One Georgia Inc., Fox News reported. Three days later, the Fair Fight PAC wired $1.5 million to One Georgia Inc., Federal Election Commission records show.

Once One Georgia Inc. resumes its activities, when and if Abrams formally wins the Democratic nomination, the organization will have around $3.5 million sitting in its accounts.

Besides the money sent to the now-suspended leadership committee, Soros and his relatives gave around $60,000 to Abrams’ campaign directly earlier this year, according to Fox News. There were three donations, totaling $19,700 each, given by Soros and two of his children, Alexander and Andrea.

George is probably feeling frustrated right now since so many of his radical “defund the police” prosecutors are going down in a ball of flames.

But here’s the thing, they’ve already done so much damage to the country, so it’s best to fight George on the battlefield now before he’s won.

Things will get tricky in GA because Kemp has a good shot of winning, even though Trump endorsed Perdue.

If Kemp wins the primary, will MAGA refuse to support him and give way to a Soros-backed Abrams as governor?

t could happen…


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