• July 16, 2024

White House Press Room In NEAR RIOT As Biden’s Gatekeeper Gets In Shouting Match With…

 White House Press Room In NEAR  RIOT As Biden’s Gatekeeper Gets In Shouting Match With…

A reporter airing his complaints about White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre not calling on enough reporters in the room overshadowed the presence of the “Ted Lasso” cast on Monday when they went to the White House to discuss mental health.

The reporter interrupted Pierre as he was about to address the crowded conference room and introduce the show’s cast and actor Jason Sudeikis when she remarked, “Karine, before — before you begin. Please call on everyone from the other side of the room, please.


“You’ve been treating me and some other individuals unfairly in the briefing room, and I’m saying that this is the United States,” the speaker said. Not China, this. Simon Ateba, the White House correspondent for Today News Africa, lamented that this was not Russia.

“By doing what you do, you are disgracing the First Amendment. For seven months now. You have not contacted me. You ignore my communications. I’m saying that’s not appropriate. That’s incorrect, he declared.

“No, not at all. Nope. That is not what we are doing at all. We won’t carry out this. We won’t carry out this. This is not what we’re doing, Jean-Pierre said.

Ateba was reprimanded by other reporters in the briefing room, who shouted “Decorum,” “Be respectful,” and “You’re being rude.”

Are you ready? Will we behave properly? The press secretary was questioned.

It’s not about acting properly, said Ateba. I believe that upholding the First Amendment is essential.



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