While They Slept, A MAJOR Furniture Company FIRED Thousands Of Employees….

Amazon just announced that 10,000 employees would be laid off. While Facebook (META), which has been heavily censored and whose CEO meddled in our 2020 elections, also intends to fire an employees with an amazing number of 11,000+. And Elon Musk, the founder of Twitter, has reduced its largely radical, far-left workforce by 50%.

However, a one of the most heartless firing stories to date is that two days  before Thanksgiving Day, Employees of United Furniture Industries reported receiving texts and emails telling them not to come to work the next day while they were sleeping. It turned out that a major mass firing of 2,700 employees!

In a report by the Newyork Post: The mass firing on Tuesday by United Furniture Industries, which makes budget-friendly sofas and recliners for Simmons Upholstery, left thousands of employees, including truck drivers and factory workers in North Carolina, Mississippi, and California, unemployed just two days before Thanksgiving.

In messages to staff members, the company stated, “At the instruction of the board of directors … we regret to inform you that due to unforeseen business circumstances, the company has been forced to make the difficult decision to terminate the employment of all its employees, effective immediately, on Nov. 21.”

“With the exception of over-the-road drivers that are out on delivery. Your layoff from the company is expected to be permanent, and all benefits will be terminated immediately without provision of COBRA.” The text added.

“It’s not fair to the laborers who seriously worked so hard to be blindsided like this. It’s not fair to the mom who just had a baby to wonder if she even has health insurance to cover it. It’s not fair to the cancer patient in the midst of chemo about how to pay for her treatments,” a laid-off employee told the publication.

Toria Neal, a former worker in Mississippi, sued UFI on Wednesday, claiming that the business had broken the law by ceasing operations without providing 60 days’ notice.

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