• April 20, 2024

When You’re A Dumb High Schooler, You Take A Shot Of Pepper Spray To The Face

 When You’re A Dumb High Schooler, You Take A Shot Of Pepper Spray To The Face

A group of teenagers at an Ohio high school voluntarily took a shot of pepper spray to the face, and it was all caught on videotape. “Stop resisting, please comply,” the instructor says in the video while discharging the chemical agent directly in the each student’s face.

The pepper spraying was reportedly for educational purposes, specifically an assignment part of a criminal science program at the school.

“I was the girl on the very right. This was all voluntary, we all had to sign permission slips, along with our parents permission,” YouTube user Karis Ann says on the comments section of the uploaded video. “We are in a criminal science class that allows us to get a ‘sneak peek’ of the law enforcement. You get OC pepper sprayed in the academy, just like we did.”

The participants appeared unsettled at first. Immediately after being sprayed, many of the students seem only slightly affected by the mace. “Don’t open your mouth,” someone offscreen can be heard saying.

But once a few seconds pass, the students on the one end who were shot first start yelling in agony.

“It sucks. It sucks,” says one student.

“It feels like a volcano shit in my eyes,” another yells.

Like dominoes, one after the other starts expressing anguish. Some students, however, try to remain as stoic as possible after being hit with the chemical. A police officer can be seen monitoring the students apparently to ensure that they are all alright.


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