When They Opened His Bedroom Wall They Found A Frightening Sight [VIDEO]

Have you ever lived in an older home and wondered what kind of secrets are hidden within it’s walls?  Or it could be a new home if a liberal lives there, especially if they used to have a Trump supporter living next door before he disappeared.  People have found all kinds of things within their walls.  Skeletons, money, antiques and such.  But what this ex-cop found in his walls would scare the average person to death.  What did they find? 70,000 bees.  That would put a healthy dose of fear in me.

 A former police detective and beekeeper found 70,000 bees living in the wall of his Long Island home.

Anthony Planakis, who goes by the nickname ‘Tony Bees’ is a former NYPD detective who also worked as the department’s beekeeper.

Planakis noticed a bee swarm outside his home three weeks ago, but didn’t realize how bad the problem was. After using thermal imaging and a fiber optic camera, he found even more of the bees in a bedroom wall.

After cutting open the wall, a large hive and honey combs were discovered made by the colony of 70,000 bees. The insects were collected with a special bee vacuum and were taken to another beekeeper in Locust Valley.

Planakis retired from the NYPD in 2014. He was the only voluntary beekeeper in the department but left because he was accused of keeping the bees he extracted for his own hives.

He refuted those claims and told NBC New York in 2015 that he would never bring in an outside swarm to his own bees.

‘You’re rolling the dice when you pick up a swarm,’ he said. ‘Pathogens, disease… Now the last thing I want to do is introduce that to my investment.’
Since he retired, Planakis has removed several hives from New Yorkers’ homes for the NYPD.

In May of last year, he extracted 15,000 bees from a Bronx playground and in 2015 he removed a hive of more than 40,000 bees from underneath a woman’s bedroom in Queens.

H/T The Mail Online


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