• July 19, 2024

When ‘The Knockout Game Goes’ Wrong… I Mean Really, REALLY WRONG! [WATCH]

 When ‘The Knockout Game Goes’ Wrong… I Mean Really, REALLY WRONG! [WATCH]


Use whatever weapon you  have available. Is that a cane? Ouch…


The “knockout game” is one of the names given in the United States by news media and others to assaults in which one person (with others acting as accomplices or lookouts) attempt to “knock out”, with a single sucker punch, an unsuspecting victim. Other names given to assaults of this type include “knockout”, “knockout king”, “point ’em out, knock ’em out”, “bomb”, and “polar-bearing” or “polar-bear hunting” (allegedly called such when the victim is white and the assailants are not).


Serious injuries and even deaths have been attributed to the “knockout game”. Some news sources report that there was an escalation of such attacks in late 2013, and, in some cases, the attacker was charged with a hate crime. Some politicians have been seeking legislation against it.

Other media analysts have cast doubt on the reportedly widespread nature of the game and have labeled the trend, although not the attacks themselves, a myth. Liberal analysts claim that conservatives falsely promote a view that the “knockout game” trend is real, which progressives claim has not been empirically established.

Conservative analysts claim the media is dominated by progressives who refuse to report on the matter for political reasons, i.e. due to the game’s racial implications.

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