What This Suicide Bomber Had in Her Hands Has the Internet Up in Arms

A female suicide bomber in Mosul, Iraq blew herself up in an effort to kill as many Iraqi soldiers as possible.  Suicide bombers are a dime a dozen nowadays but what this woman was carrying with her makes her unique as far as I know.  She was holding her infant baby.  Radical Islamist extremists have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

 A photograph has emerged of a Mosul woman cradling her baby as she seemingly tries to escape the fighting that has ravaged her city.

However on further inspection it becomes apparent the Burka clad woman is also holding a detonator.

The picture was taken moments before the suicide bomber blew herself up, with her baby in her arms, as she walked past Iraqi troops.

The woman was walking out of a newly liberated area of the city with a group of fleeing civilians holding a trigger, bags and a young infant in her arms.

She had apparently tried to detonate the explosives as she passed the soldiers, but the bomb failed to go off until she had walked some distance away, a cameraman for local al-Mawsleya TV said.

She, her child and two soldiers were killed, several civilians were also injured in the blast.

The picture was taken moments before the suicide bomber blew herself up, with her baby in her arms

Iraqi authorities are close to announcing the defeat of ISIS in the city whose territory has been cut to just 600 square metres over the past couple of days.

Troops are currently facing off with 200 ISIS soldiers and a selection of suicide bomber wives who are currently making a last stand in the ancient city.

ISIS’s Amaq news age ncy reported ‘fierce fighting’ around the riverside district of Maydan and said its fighters ‘were holding onto their    fortified positions’.

H/T The Mail Online

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