What This Marine Revealed Is In Store If You Refuse The Vaccine Is Absolutely Ghoulish

What is happening in our country should turn everyone’s stomach no matter what side of that political aisle you are on. There is no reason that a nation that was based on individual freedom should be doing a 180-degree turn and standing against it.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news people are finally pushing back against these insane vaccine mandates. In the news, you have seen that Southwest Airlines pilots and employees are taking a stand against them by filing a lawsuit but of course, the mainstream media is doing their best to keep that under wraps.

While civilians have that opportunity to sue our brave men and women who are serving our country seem to not have the same luxury.

The Biden administration has made it mandatory that every one of them receives the jab and if not they are released from the military. It appears to be one giant purge of anyone who disagrees with freedom must go and that is an essential purge of our armed forces.

Now, for those who do receive the jab, there are at risk of life-threatening side effects in the future. So either way, it is a lose/lose for our military and just another way to weaken our nation from within.

As mentioned before, those who refuse would be released from the military with a dishonorable discharge and a court-martial to boot.


In a shocking video from an anonymous young man who claims to be a Marine, he describes the potential punishment for those who don’t comply.

Watch below:

Gateway Pundit had this to say:

“Everyone who refuses to get this treatment will be subject to a general court-martial convening authority in which they will determine your fate.”

“A general court-martial is the highest tier of military justice that can be administered, and they have the authority to issue up to a death sentence to anybody whose case comes to a general court-martial.”

At the conclusion of the video, the courageous Marine looks directly into the camera and issues a warning to whoever he will face during his court-martial.

Contrary to our so-called “military leaders” such as General Milley, who is an embarrassment to the United States and a traitor, this young man is a true hero who embodies what our military is supposed to stand for: FREEDOM and LIBERTY!


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