• June 19, 2024

WHAT? The VA Has Decided That President Lincoln Is Not Woke Enough, So They….

 WHAT? The VA Has Decided That President Lincoln Is Not Woke Enough, So They….

The mission statement of the Department of Veterans Affairs is being revised.

The new motto, which was announced in a news release on Thursday, includes a gender-neutral change from the previous mission statement.

The old motto referred to both male and female veterans and quoted President Abraham Lincoln directly:

“To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise ‘to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan’ by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans.”

The new mission statement reads as follows:

“To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise to care for those who have served in our nation’s military and for their families, caregivers, and survivors.”

The quote included in the original mission statement — and only mentioned in the new one — is from Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address in 1865, in which he pledged to care for those who served the country during the Civil War.


According to the news release, “The previous mission statement is posted in roughly 50% of VA’s facilities. Over the coming months, VA’s new mission statement will replace the previous version.”


Both male and female veterans have always been eligible for VA treatment.

McDonough stated in the news release that the department wanted to include more people in its mission statement.

“Whenever any veteran, family member, caregiver or survivor walks by a VA facility, we want them to see themselves in the mission statement on the outside of the building,” he said.

“We are here to serve all veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors—and now, our mission statement reflects exactly that.”

The new gender-neutral motto comes as the VA struggles to combat a veteran suicide epidemic.

According to the Military Times, one estimate suggests that up to 44 veterans commit suicide every day, which is more than double the official VA estimate of 17 veteran suicides per day.

The VA has expanded veterans’ eligibility for in-patient mental health treatment.


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