What Ohio Cops Found In A Child’s Halloween Candy Is Absolutely Horrific!

Just a few days ago, happy children across the country took to their neighborhoods dressed in their costumes to trick or treat. For many, this marks the beginning of the holiday season and should be filled with nothing but laughter and innocent fun, but we live in a world where goblins and ghouls are not myths but reality.

Shortly after children in Ohio bright home their candy loot on Sunday night, one family made a disturbing find that sent chills down their spine.

According to police officers, sewing needles were discovered inside Halloween candy handed out over the weekend to trick-or-treaters.

The horrifying discovery was made in two pieces of candy distributed in the town of Fostoria on Saturday, police said.

“Although we only are aware of 2 pieces of candy being involved, we take this seriously and are appalled that anyone would be so demented as to want to hurt children in our community,” Police Chief Keith Loreno said in a statement.

It’s unclear who was behind the tampered treats.

Police have stated that if parents want their candy to be checked that they can bring it in for X-ray scans at ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital.

“Both Fostoria Police and ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital feel that it is best to take every reasonable action possible to keep our children safe and to help parents make an informed decision with any candy their children received,” police said.

Police want anyone with information about who may be involved with the tampered candy to contact authorities.



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