• June 14, 2024

What Kari Lake Just Said About Fauci Will Send Chills Down His….

 What Kari Lake Just Said About Fauci Will Send Chills Down His….

In case you missed it, President Trump had one heck of a rally in Arizona last Saturday night.

It wasn’t anything small like the media tried to portray either, but a barnburner.

The crowd was massive and the crowd went as far back as the eye could see.

Of course, the media, such as The New York Times claimed that no one was going to show up. It is pretty absurd for these media hacks to still keep saying that no one will show up for Trump and every time it turns out to be HUGE.

The media has been doing this for the last six years and you would think they would get the message, but guess not.

The line for the rally last Saturday had a 20-mile back-up of cars of those trying to get in.

One guy who was attempting to get into the rally took a picture of his map showing that it would take an hour and a half to go a half-mile.



Just check out this line of people trying to get in.

All of these people swarming to get in to see Trump and the left tries to say no one cares about him anymore.


At any rate, as they waited to see Trump these conservative patriots had a chance to meet Kari Lake, who’s running for AZ governor.

Just for a point of reference if you are not sure about Lake, she is a little spit-fire and will be the “DeSantis of the west” when she’s elected.


Well, she gave a fiery speech to the crowd, and I think you’re going to love her message, specifically about Fauci.

Here’s what Kari said: “When I am your governor, there will be no mandates and no lockdowns. Actually, let me, let me revise that just a little bit. I want to lock somebody down. And it’s that liar, Dr. Fauci.”

We need unapologetic fighters like Kari in the Republican Party.

It’s time to get rid of all the Liz Cheney’s and Adam Kinzinger’s and replace them with fighters like Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Kari Lake.







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