• July 22, 2024

What Joe Biden Did On Camera To This Young Boy Is Just Beyond Strange!

 What Joe Biden Did On Camera To This Young Boy Is Just Beyond Strange!

It appears that any time there is a camera on Joe Biden it is bound to capture something incredibly cringy from the guy.

Whether it is Biden mumbling some incoherent nonsense about the hairs of his legs standing up or shuffling off stage muttering that he is going to be in trouble, Biden never fails to deliver incompetence.

However, Biden is not only incompetent but he is also extremely “creepy” and that has been caught on camera many times and what makes it worse is that it happens with children.

Just recently, Biden was caught being creepy again at Brookland Middle School.

Jill Biden was speaking to the crowd and Joe appeared to be wandering around then started following a young man.

That is when it went all sorts of weird with Biden.

Joe appeared to start massaging the young student while others said it looked like the boy was being groped.

Then Biden just stopped and wandered off.

It was incredibly weird and stomach-turning to even watch.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself!


Here are close-ups of the middle school student.

Many observers say that the young man looks uncomfortable as Joe Biden begins touching him.


He clearly looks uncomfortable and isn’t sure what is going on to me.



Why in the world is Biden even touching him? There was no reason to put hands on him at all!

So disgusting!

This isn’t the first time that Biden has been caught touching minors. You may have seen the recent story of young kids “tricking” Biden. Biden didn’t realize they were Trump supporters who were making fun of him.

Well, one of the girls is clearly underage, and Biden is seen putting his hand around her waist and grabbing her tightly in the photo.

See below:

Then there is the infamous video of Biden caught on camera, pinching a young girl’s NIPPLE!

You can see the fear in her face!

How this man is not behind bars for inappropriate touching with minors is beyond me!

What do you think?

Would you let your kid take a photo with Creepy Joe?

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