What Happened When High School Yearbook removed Pro-Trump student photos? [video]

Liberal hysteria has gotten out of hand when even high schools try to block students from wearing “TRUMP Make America Great Again” t-shirts in their photos. Yet one New Jersey high school did just that, according to Fox News. When a student saw that his pro-trump phrase has been edited out by a school official he wanted answers and a solution right quick and in a hurry!

When Grant Berardo, a junior at Wall Township High School showed up for the photo shoot he apparently thought the yearbook photo was not controversial. Yet to his surprise when his much-anticipated yearbook arrived at his home, his pro-Trump phrase had been edited out and he instead was wearing a plain, dark-colored T-shirt.

The school who were clearly caught with their photo removal kit working overtime had to give into public pressure and the possible realism that the removal of the President’s name and campaign catch phrase were politically intentional. They have now decided to reissue yearbooks to repair the photos of the two high school students who had their images altered.

Free Speech which is one of the very basic rights under the nation’s U.S. Constitution seems to have been given the back hand at the high school. Since there was no violation of school dress codes the only reasonable assumption that can be made about the removal of the Trump phrase was censorship.

Yet, Cheryl Dyer, Wall Township School Superintendent, wrote the student’s parents that the photo was not intentionally altered to remove any Trump connection. Instead, she alleged that the photo was merely resized to match the other photos.

Somehow Dyer’s comments do not fly, because another student, Wyatt Debrovich-Fago, wore a vest in his schoolbook photo with Trump’s name on it. Again, the president’s name was somehow suspiciously missing from his photo as well. So much for a student’s free speech.

The parents of the students who had their pro-Trump school yearbooks altered did not buy Dyer’s “CYO” explanation of what happened to the student’s photos. Janet Dobrovich-Fago, the mother of the siblings whose photos were apparently altered was upset. “We’re very angry,” Dobrovich-Fago said. “When we saw that Montana’s quote dropped out, we thought it was a mistake because all the other class presidents’ quotes were still there,” reported Mcclatchyde. She added, “But when we saw that Wyatt’s shirt was photoshopped and we heard about Grant, I knew this was not a coincidence. This was purposeful, and it’s wrong.”

Even though the schoolbook advisor has been suspended with pay, School superintendent Dyer could not explain why, a Trump quote submitted by the freshman class president, Montana Debrovich-Fago, was not included, according to Fox News. The trump quote states, “, “I like thinking big. If you are going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”

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