• July 23, 2024

What Former Wikipedia Employees Said Happened At Their HQ Is Absolutely Sickening!

 What Former Wikipedia Employees Said Happened At Their HQ Is Absolutely Sickening!

Sometimes, you just have to wonder what the problem is with the left. They obviously do not have any morals, nor do they have any standards, so they do not have any shame. Seriously though, their lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy along with their sycophantic slobbering made their accomplices in the media just droll disgustingly, and it is seriously getting old.

Recently, disgruntled former employees of the foundation that is responsible for the Wikipedia articles have come forward to report the litany of workplace abuses that they suffered at the hands of higher-ups at this faux information website. Breitbart reported the abuse last week and said that it has prompted others to come forward and report on their own experiences as well. Many of these accusations are eerily similar to those that were previously leveled against Wikipedia and the foundation behind it.

Complaints range from accusing the management of bullying, lying, misconduct and neglect as well as a number of cases of anti-union retaliation. Breitbart also noted that “one former had even alleged that departing employees are pushed to sign non-disclosure agreements.” Apparently, when it comes to the accusations of abuse, this practice is truly a real revelation and it looks like it makes sense now why they did this. One of those “hindsight’s 20/20” kinds of things I guess.

Breitbart reports:

Last month, former Wikipedia staffer James Hare published a statement regarding the time that he worked at the Wikimedia Foundation, alleging that he was often ridiculed and mocked in connection with his autism by high-level management, leaving him with post-traumatic stress. In response, several former staff came forward with their own allegations of mistreatment. Members of the former staff claimed that complaints about their own mistreatment or their efforts to reform the Foundation’s practices not only were met with deaf ears, but it prompted retaliation from management. This included their efforts to organize a staff union.”

Another former employee wrote the following:

“I worked at the Wikimedia Foundation from 2014 to 2019 and all of this resonates with me too. Some of the appalling things I experienced were lying, gaslighting, threatening behavior in meetings, neglect when you DID file a misconduct report, lack of recognition, and lack of inclusion from mid and upper management.”

Of course, several people responded to this individual’s tweet echoing their support, with one saying that they found it “interesting” that an “open source educational non-profit is having employees sign NDAs when they leave.”

What a shock! The left is so busy accusing conservatives of mistreating others that they have neglected to get their house in order themselves!

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