• July 19, 2024

What CNN Just Said About Biden’s Babysitters Is Absolutely Insane!

 What CNN Just Said About Biden’s Babysitters Is Absolutely Insane!

Biden visited 3 countries for his first foreign trip and his handlers would not let him answer impromptu questions from the press.

Joe Biden’s aides aggressively screamed at reporters and shooed them away after every meeting or presser.

President Biden delivered a press briefing at NATO Headquarters in Europe Monday were claimed the US must “root out corruption” and “guard against those who would stoke hatred.”

“We have to root out corruption that syphons off our strength. Guard against those who would stoke hatred and division for political gain, this phoney populism. Invest in institutions that underpin and safeguard our Democratic values,” said Biden.

Biden publicly apologized to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Wednesday after he scolded the reporter during a press briefing; asking her “what the hell?” and suggesting she “shouldn’t be in this business.”

“Why are you so confident [Putin] will change his behaviour, Mr President?” asked a reporter with CNN.

“I’m not confident I’m going to change his behaviour. What the hell? What do you do all the time? When did I say I was confident? I said….let’s get it straight….” fired back the President.

“I’m not confident of anything, I’m just stating the facts,” concluded Biden.

“If you don’t understand that you’re in the wrong business.”

“I owe my last questioner an apology,” Biden said to reporters on the tarmac in Geneva. “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy with the last answer I gave.”

“To be a good reporter you have to be negative at life,” Biden continued.

“You are the brightest people in the country but it makes no sense for me to negotiate with you.”

“I apologize for having been short,” he concluded.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Hannity

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