‘What are you so AFRAID OF?!’ Giuliani tells Hannity what SCOTUS decision means and what PLAN B is

“So far, the facts have been oppressed,” says Rudy Giuliani in this clip from Hannity tonight on Fox News, as the two discussed today’s SCOTUS decision to reject the Texas election suit. “What are they so afraid of?”

Giuliani said the courts, including the Supreme Court, have not shown any “courage” or “determination” and they’re afraid of criticism.

“Let the American people hear the facts, and let the judges hear the facts. So far the facts have been oppressed, they’ve been subject to censorship,” he said. “Censorship by big media, censorship by big tech, censorship by the Democrat party, and censorship by the courts! No court has granted a hearing!”

“Listen to the facts! What are you so afraid of?” he said. “What are you so afraid of? Listen to the facts! Let us play the tape, let’s show you how 70,000 votes were stolen that actually, in and of itself, changed the result in Georgia. We can show that to you on tape!”

I have to ask at this point why, if people are talking about seceding or taking up arms, or what have you, that Rudy is saying “we can show that to you on tape” but not showing it to us on tape.

If he’s standing on some legality issue or courtroom protocol I’d say that time has long passed. “Let the American people hear the facts” he says. Okay. Do that. Let’s do THAT! You were on the highest rated show on cable tonight. You said “we can that to you on tape!”




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