• May 28, 2024

What Appeared At First To Be A Fun Video, Ended Up Being Evidence In Murder Case

 What Appeared At First To Be A Fun Video, Ended Up Being Evidence In Murder Case

One awful thing to hear about is people hurting or harassing younger children who can do nothing about the situation at hand.

Children stand little to no chance against adult brutality which is why such crimes against children are taken so seriously.  The most concerning thing is that often times, the person who is hurting the child is in someway related or responsible for the child, so nobody can see it coming.

Recently in Mexico, a man was caught on camera roughing around with his 3 year old stepdaughter in a hotel pool.

It may seem like fun and games to many watching the video, but it is in fact the video footage of what would soon become a murder case.

The stepfather was continuously grabbing the 3 year old and throwing her into the hotel pool while the girl’s mother was asleep in the room with no idea what was going on.

After throwing her into the pool many times, the stepfather took the little girl to the edge of the pool, where he started to push her head under the water.  The little girl would then be allowed back up where she could gasp for a breath of air, but was then submerged again.

It is at this point when you can see the little girl starting to flap her feet and arms in an effort to stay alive, but to no avail.

Luckily enough for the family, security cameras were placed around in the area so that they could catch the stepfather red handed.

She was later brought to the hospital where doctors proclaimed her dead. The young girl had died from secondary drowning.

Of course, the man tried to paint the scene as an accident by saying he was just playing with the little girl, but that did not cut it for the judges.  He was later charged with aggravated homicide.

This is not the first case of children being left and tried to rid of either.  In fact, there are many cases every year of children being thrown away in dumpsters, trash barrels, toilets, and pipes so that they would not have to be part of the parent or guardian’s life any more.

The comments on the video certainly showed people’s discontent with the video, with many comments on how horrible the world is an how people have no moral compass anymore.

Some people are even defending the man though, saying that this type of action could have truly been an accident and that he does not deserve to be thrown into jail at all.

The video below talks about and shows the action of the man, which some viewers might find disturbing.  If you want to see the security footage of the man taking his step daughter and throwing her into the pool and pushing her head down, you can check it out down below.

Do you think the man is guilty?  Should he have received a sentence for aggravated homicide?  Let us know in the comments below.

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