[WATCH] Tom Selleck Disclosed Who He Voted For Surprises Right and Left Leaning Americans

Selleck has appeared on The View almost since the beginning of the show, but this time he had something to say. When asked who he voted for during the election, Selleck admitted that he wrote in former Dallas Police Chief David Brown as his pick for the office of the President

“That man showed such grace and leadership. I was just deeply touched by him,” said Selleck.

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But it was how Selleck spoke about the state of the nation and the people involved in the election that really impressed me.

“I was so impressed with President Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and Donald Trump for showing the grace to remind us that we have more in common than we have differences,” he said. “And this grace period, if we have it… it’s going to heat up again. It’s just very important to celebrate the fact that we do this peacefully. It’s rough, but we do it.”

Selleck went on to say how he doesn’t feel like he can use his platform to bring political statements or influence. And it’s admirable of Selleck to speak with eloquence and graciousness in a way that doesn’t bring further division to our nation.

Some might question why Selleck would choose Chief Brown as his presidential pick, but his leadership in Dallas following the shooting in July showed his true colors.

E. Goldstein

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