Watch Three Grandfathers Try Pot For the First Time [VIDEO]

In a new video from The Cut, three grandfathers who never tried marijuana before were given joints, a vaporizer and a bong and told to go to town.  Marvin, Graham and Robert were asked to smoke and comment on the results in front of the camera.  Graham loved it, Marvin is on the fence and Robert is against it on moral grounds so the results are inconclusive.

 The marijuana hit Graham, who was hitting the bong, the hardest.

‘I’m just really relaxed,’ he said, smiling. ‘My mouth feels like peanut butter.

‘I wanna lick my eyebrows. Everything feels a little different.’

Graham said that growing up, most of his friends were smoking weed, sniffing glue and paint. But Graham, who does not drink either, never saw marijuana as being for him.

That may have changed now.

‘I feel like I’m floating,’ he said. ‘I really have to do this more often.’

The others were a little more skeptical.

‘This feels weird,’ said Robert, who says he’s always had an open mind about cannabis but had ‘never wanted to jump off that particular bridge.’ ‘I don’t know how I feel about feeling weird.’

‘I feel like my brain is six times bigger than my head.’

The most dubious was Marvin, who grew up in a religious household, and said his family had always disproved of marijuana – even more so after his brother got involved in other drugs.

‘I just don’t feel comfortable with what’s happening,’ he said.

I remember when the doctor said my grandmother should drink some whiskey everyday and e hid it in her milk because she was against drinking.  Two weeks later she called me up and told me that whatever I do, not to sell that cow.

H/T The Mail Online

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