• June 16, 2024

Watch the Moment Great White Shark Attacks Kayaker [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

 Watch the Moment Great White Shark Attacks Kayaker [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Brian Correiar, a certified diver, was navigating his 14 foot kayak through the waters on Monterey Bay in California, when he heard a loud noise followed by being halfway thrown out of his kayak.

He saw the shark’s head above the water and he was biting into the kayak.  Correiar decided his best hope was to abandon the kayak and swim away.  he lost sight of the shark and was unable to contact the Coast Guard.  Fortunately, a family that was sailing on the bay spotted him and picked him up.

 This is the terrifying moment a kayaker was attacked by a great white shark in California – and the man miraculously lived to tell the tale.

Brian Correiar, a certified diver, was paddling in his 14-foot kayak through Monterey Bay in March when the shark attacked and knocked him into the water.

A bystander who was standing on the shoreline started filming the ordeal as soon as Correriar was launched from his kayak. The witness can be heard in the footage asking his wife to call 911.

The footage shows the shark attacking the red kayak just several feet from where Correiar was desperately trying to swim away.

He said he had tried to call the Coast Guard for help using his emergency GPS but they had trouble hearing him.

‘At this point I was really nervous, I was sure I was done,’ he said.

‘It was like a horror movie. The shark came toward me, dropped the kayak, then dove straight down below me where I couldn’t see it.’

Correiar said he spotted a sailboat nearby and frantically waved it down – all while trying to remain calm given the shark was lurking somewhere underneath him.
The terrifying footage captured by the bystander showed the family in the sailboat pulling an exhausted Correiar aboard to safety.

H/T The Mail Online

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