• May 25, 2024

[WATCH] SECOND Bernie Staffer Threatens Violence Against Trump Supporters

 [WATCH] SECOND Bernie Staffer Threatens Violence Against Trump Supporters

Martin Weissgerber, a field organizer out of South Carolina, discussed overthrowing the American governmental system to pave the way for Sanders to unilaterally implement socialism and climate change policies.

“So, do we just cease – do we just dissolve the Senate, House of Representatives, the Judicial Branch, and have somebody like Bernie Sanders and a cabinet of people make all the decisions for the climate?” he posed to the undercover PV journalist. “I mean, I’m serious.”

Weissgerber, an avowed “radicalized communist,” also discussed taking part in a violent Maoist-style communist revolution to send conservatives to “re-education camps” and “guillotine the rich.”

“I’ll straight up get armed,” he said. “I want to learn how to shoot and go training. Leave it to the Soviets to make the most badass fucking, most effective gun in the world.”

“What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the re-education camps,” he continued. “Can you imagine Mitch McConnell? Lindsey Graham?”

“Let’s force them to build roads, re-build our roads, re-build our dams, re-build our bridges. Let’s force them to do that.”

Weissgerber confessed that Bernie Sanders-inspired socialists descended upon Washington D.C. to vie for the levers of power.

“What Bernie did was, he inspired people, he created a movement that started to flood Washington,” Weissgerber said. “Democratic socialists are running all over – there are so many democratic socialists running in 2020.”

Weissgerber also admitted he would organize “Yellow Vest”-style protests in America should President Trump be re-elected.


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