WATCH: Scalise Just Went On The View And DESTROYED Whoopi On Gun Control

If liberals are going to debate you on on something it is going to be gun control.

No matter what it always seems to be the one thing that they will always go to if they cannot find something to debate about because as we all know they don’t feel right unless they are arguing with someone about something that would eventually infringe on our rights.

Liberals arguing about gun control is sort of like that emergency candy bar you might keep in the glove box of your car in case you get stuck in traffic so you don’t start feeling weird. I firmly believe that most liberals aren’t happy unless they are complaining about something.

That being said, it always gives me a warm feeling inside to see a liberal gun control advocate get whipped verbally in an argument I just saw Whoopi Goldberg have it happen to her on The View against the last person she probably suspected; House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Goldberg began the gun control discussion Tuesday morning by mentioning the shooting last year in which Scalise was injured.

He was on the brink of death after being shot by a left-wing attacker during a congressional baseball practice session June 14, 2017.

From Western Journal:

“I’m a bit surprised that after all you went through that you don’t seem to have an idea that there may be some more gun control that we need to work on with stuff like this — with people who maybe shouldn’t have access to them,” Goldberg said.

I was happy to hear Scalise respond by pointing out that the right to bear arms is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution.

“I’ve got deep-rooted conservative beliefs, but they’re rooted in what the fundamental foundation of this country is based on,” the Louisiana Republican said.

“I mean, when the Constitution was written initially they didn’t have a protection for guns because our Founders just thought it was an assumed right,” Scalise said. “Later they added it in the Bill of Rights as the Second Amendment, but they felt very strongly every American has the right to defend themselves.”

I thought this was a great answer because it got to the root of the argument: The left’s feelings about guns won’t change the fact that Americans have a right to own them under the Second Amendment.


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