Watch: Rep. Jim Jordan Puts to Rest the Notion that Riots Are ‘Peaceful Protests’ Once and For All

Watch as Rep. Jim Jordan puts to rest the idea that riots are “peaceful protests” once and for all:

JORDAN: “Are peaceful protests violent, Mr. Attorney General?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “Do peaceful protests destroy businesses?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “Do peaceful protests injure officers?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “Do peaceful protests attack civilians?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “Do peaceful protests burn down buildings?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “I was — the video we played, it’s hard to watch. It was really hard to watch, to see that happening in our great country.

But the start of it was almost laughable, where you have the reporter saying, as a building is burning behind him, it’s not, generally speaking, an unruly protest, it’s mostly just a protest.

I mean, it’s almost laughable, when you have that reporter saying — I guess — I guess, he is saying, ‘It’s not a fire, it’s us a burning building.’

I guess he is saying it’s a peaceful burning building.”



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