Watch Morgan Freeman Destroy Race baiting Don Lemon [VIDEO]




CNN resident race baiter who sees racism in everything from voter ID laws to scrambled eggs, got a very unpleasant surprise when Morgan Freeman took him over his knee and spanked him.  Unlike lemon, Freeman has endured real racism having been born in Memphis, Tennessee 70 years ago.  Freeman was born at a time when racist democrats ruled the South using Jim Crow laws to limit the freedoms of blacks.  A time when the democrats in the KKK would burn crosses in your yard and lynch black men on a semi regular basis.  Perhaps that is why Freeman turned in one of the greatest acting jobs of all time in “Driving Miss Daisy.”  He was fantastic.

 And it’s within this backdrop that young, inexperienced pups like CNN host Don Lemon attempts to play the victimization “race card” while interviewing acclaimed Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, who knows a thing or two about real discrimination.

If anything this brief video clip perhaps best illustrates the disconnect between the generations, when it comes to the issue of race among African-Americans, it’s that same disconnect that immigrants first felt coming to America during the 20’s, 30’s 40’s and perhaps even the 50’s.

Lemon attempts to suggest that racial discrimination among African-Americans is by extension an economic issue, saying; “Do you think race plays a role in wealth distribution?”

Freeman momentarily taken aback by the question and seemed a bit bemused responded, “No. You and I are proof of it.”

Which apparently doesn’t satisfy the CNN host, as he tries again to illicit a response more to his liking, suggesting that some individuals might find it too hard to “pull themselves up by the bootstraps.”

Freemen’s bemusement instantly evaporates, and begins schooling the young progressive pup, by reminding him he was born over 70-years ago in a place called Memphis, Tennessee then stating “um, I had a long haul from where I came from to here…but here we are.”

Lemon interjects saying: “not everybody can do that.”

Freemen sitting back on his chair exclaims “BULLSH*T, everybody can!”

H/T US Herald

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